"In order to become a better, faster, stronger runner, you’ve got to mix it up… If you don’t address the rut at this stage, it will eventually progress into apathy. You’ll no longer find excuses not to run, you’ll just stop caring about getting your workout in. Eventually, you might be inspired, but because you haven’t been consistent with your workouts, your run that day will be really, really hard. This may motivate you to return to consistent running, or it may make you angry enough that you just give up on running altogether."
— An article on what to do when you get bored with running, probably one of my biggest fears (From "So You’re a Runner. Now What?", a post on fit bottomed girls).

If you’re STILL looking for motivation… Here’s a great list to use as a start.

"Sometimes we need little setbacks to propel us forward."

Source Unknown (from @RunningQuotes)

In light of my last 5K.

(Source: twitter.com)

"It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."

Wisdom of Confucius (via demo)

This quote always pops up at the top of the sample blogs when I’m trying to customize my tumblr. I find it to be a great daily reminder… To anyone who signs up for a race, I’d say that this is your only true goal. Happy running!!

So that’s why Kenyans are such fast runners…

Although, it’s hard to imagine one of those lazy hippos, often found chilling in the water, to be able to run very fast, a quick Google search has revealed:

"Despite its stocky shape and short legs, it can easily outrun a human. Hippos have been clocked at 30 km/h (19 mph) over short distances. The hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and is often regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.”

Next time you’re on a run and feeling unmotivated, just picture a 3 ton barrel-shaped torso with enormous mouth and teeth, nearly hairless body (ew?) and stubby legs… angrily barreling down on you (excuse the pun). So if you don’t want to get stomped and trampled to death, you better do like Forrest Gump and get to running!